a hero is just a man who knows he's free.

profitmargin replied to your post: “I see you john”:

Good then go back to work punk

Promptly fuck yourself

doctornogfofficial said: Who's your favorite wrestler?

I couldn’t narrow this down, so I’m gonna go by promotions.
WWE/NXT: Sami Zayn/el Generico
NJPW: Shinsuke Nakamura
Dragon Gate: Yosuke ❤️ Santa Maria
Other indies: Johnny Gargano

I see you john

doctornogfofficial said: Have you ever watched Code Monkeys?

Yo! That show was my jam. I love the intro to that show. JoCo is one of my favorite artists.

Feeling super paranoid today. Not the feeling I was expecting today

>tfw a qt3.14 got me feeling some type of way.

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